Recipe of the Week - Breakfast

Egg & Bacon Muffins


Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 12 mins 

Having trouble fitting in a nutritious breakfast in the morning. Cook these delicious muffins ahead of time for an on the go breakfast.  Read More 

Egg and Bacon Muffins.PNG
Recipe of the Week - Lunch

Turkey taco lettuce wraps


Time: 20 mins

Cook Time: 12 mins 

Serves: Six


Light and healthy Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps that are an easy low carb alternative to traditional tacos, are super flavorful and take less than 20 minutes to make!  This turkey filling makes for great leftovers and tastes amazing over a big salad. Read More 

Recipe of the Week - Dinner

Lighter Chicken Curry

Time: 45 mins

Difficulty: Easy  

Check out our easy chicken curry recipe with low-fat coconut milk, punchy madras paste and crunchy sugar snap peas. This flavoursome curry is low in calories and gluten free. Read More 

Lighter Chicken Curry.jpg
Character trait of the week - APPRECIATION

The practice of Appreciation

  • I look for the good in life and in people

  • I freely express gratitude and admiration

  • I honour my own progress

  • I value the learning from challenging times

  • I enjoy all that life offers

  • I feel grateful for the bounty of my life


"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them." - John F. Kennedy

Appreciation.jpg TR.jpg
7 Meal prep organisation tips you need right now! 

Want to know our NUMBER ONE tip for staying on track with your healthy eating week to week? It’s all about meal prep. Without preparation, it’s all too easy to slip up and choose less than ideal foods.


To food prep, you will save time, money, energy, calories and food waste. Portion control is one key way food prepping helps people maintain a healthy weight or lose a few kgs. Read More

Too Busy to Exercise?

How about a scientifically proven 7 min workout? 


This will take you to an intensity approaching your maximum capacity that will produce molecular changes within muscles comparable to those of several hours of running or bike riding


All you need is your body, a wall and a chair. Read More

7 Min Workout.jpg
8 Weeks to change your sleeping habits.

One of the most powerful ways to improve overall wellbeing is to get a good nights sleep. 


Sleep affects every area of our lives, including our stress levels, memory, performance and hormonal balance to just name a few. 


'Calm', have released a great guide to a better nights sleep, where you will understand and assess your current sleeping patterns and build great sleeping habits over the next  8 Weeks. Read More

calm 3.jpg
8 Weeks to 5K - Running Program

Benefits to running

PHYSICAL BENEFITS - Stronger, burn fat, better working heart and lungs. 

Helps to prevents heart disease, obesity & diabetes.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL BENEFITS - Release endorphins ( happy chemical )

Reduce stress, greater clarity, improve self-esteem.

SOCIAL BENEFITS - Meet people, make friends, people cheer for you and rely on you.  Surround yourself with people who influence you in a good way. 

Read More

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