Plant Powered Recipes

25 Plant Powered Recipes


Wanting to incorporate more plant based ingredients into your meals? Attached are 25 recipes that will allow you to eat all the colours of the rainbow for all times of the day. 

Did you know that each colour represents different beneficial vitamins & nutrients?

Green - contain Lutein, an antioxidant that reinforces improved vision. 

Purple - contain antioxidants and phyto-chemicals which are good for anti-ageing and support mental clarity. 

Read more for specific health benefits of eating the rainbow.

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Book of the Week 

The Gut by Giulia Enders

The inside story of our body's most underrated organ.

"Those with gluten and fructose intolerances will find much to explain their conditions, but you don't need to be suffering from anything other than a mild dose of curiosity to enjoy this."


You can purchase this book via Booktopia or listen to the audiobook at Audible.

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Podcast of the Week 

On Purpose with Jay Shetty


10 Ways to spot Ego and how to replace it with self-esteem thoughts.

The Ego stops you from observing deeper and blocks curiosity.  Self Esteem allows you to approach something with fresh ears and eyes.

"My name is Jay Shetty, and my purpose is to make wisdom go viral. I’m fortunate to have fascinating conversations with the most insightful people in the world, and on my podcast, I’m sharing those conversations with you."

Read More

On-Purpose-with-Jay-Shetty (3)_edited_ed

Seek to create a positive environment for yourself and you’ll begin to become more motivated to achieve your dreams and goals. Here are 10 ways to stay motivated through hard times.

Character Trait of the Week - Strength

Practice of Strength 


  • I have the power to endure my tests.

  • I willingly face the challenges of my life

  • I have the courage to perservere.

  • I cultivate gentleness and patience.

  • I understand the purpose of challenges

  • I trust the value of transformation.


"Sometimes you don't realise your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness." - Susan Gale

Jokes of the Week 

By Liliane McDonald 


Q. What do gymnasts and bananas have in common?

A. Splits


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?


Arch who?
Bless you!


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce in it’s cold out here.