Recipe of the Week - Breakfast

Green Smoothie

Cheap. Green. Superb storability. You don’t need a ton of smoothie recipes, you just need one that works, especially if you are just starting out with green smoothies. This one is easy to make and only requires three ingredients: a handful of frozen spinach, one red apple and one ripe banana. Add a cup or two of water depending on how thick you want it and blend. It’s ready to drink in the next 5 minutes. Read More

Recipe of the Week - Lunch

Vegetable Sushi Rolls

Making sushi rolls at home can be quick and easy and they are actually quite nutritious. They have a whole range of Vitamins and Minerals including Vitamin A, C&K, thiamin, niacin, B6 and folate. Not to mention fulling your daily needs of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium. Read More

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Recipe of the Week - Dinner

Super Easy Carrot Curry Soup


Comforting and delicious this spiced soup is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s high in almost all vitamins and minerals, has 13g of fibre and almost 9g of protein per portion. It’s Vitamin A is through the roof and it’s only 15 out 100 of the daily Glycemic Load. Read More

Book of the Week

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi


How to build a lifelong community of Colleagues, Contacts, Friends and Mentors.


In "Never Eat Alone," Ferrazzi lays out the specific steps and inner mindset he uses to reach out to connect with the thousands of colleagues, friends, and associates on his Rolodex, people he has helped and who have helped him. Read More

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Inspiration of the Week - Michelle Hampson

Massive inspiration and effort of the week goes to Michelle Hampson for completing the 30klm Kokoda Challenge event, up the 1000 Steps and around the mountains. Thanks for sharing with everyone Michelle.

Guide to working out in Hot Weather! 

Summer heat provides the perfect way to level up with less effort. But you need to be smart, methodical and consistent in your efforts. To understand how to better use summer weather to improve fitness we need to examine some of the basic mechanisms at work when exercising in hot weather. Read More

Meditation and Yoga for just a Gold Coin Donation

At the Wellness Hub


For anyone who is interested in group meditation or Yoga for only a gold coin donation, head over to the The Wellness Hub at Level 1, St. Collins Lane 260 Collins Street, Melbourne.  You can book in at the below link. All proceeds go to the  The Big Issue. Learn More

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Character trait of the week - Professionalism

The practice of Professionalism


  • I am a master of my craft

  • I create security and confidence for those I serve

  • I take initiative to find solutions

  • I care for the interest of all involved

  • I create unity in my relationships

  • I provide service with purpose


"Professional is not a label you give yourself, it's a description you hope others will apply to you." - David Maiste