Recipe of the Week - Breakfast

Sweet Potato and Feta Fritters


Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 15 mins 

If you’re looking for a new healthy breakfast recipe these sweet potato and feta fritters are for you. They’re so easy to make, they require minimal ingredients and they’re just bloody yum! Read More

Recipe of the Week - Lunch

Bacon, Egg and Avocado Frittata


Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 25 mins 

Serves: Four


This bacon, egg and avocado frittata recipe is so easy and so yum. It’s perfect for super busy mornings. Anything you can prep the night before then grab and go = winning. Read More 

Recipe of the Week - Dinner

Easy Chicken Ginger Stirfry


Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 10m mins  


We love this easy healthy chicken ginger stir fry recipe because you can have dinner done in less than 30 minutes. It’s the ultimate weekday dinner recipe. Read More 

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Nike Training Club App 

Nike Training Club is your Ultimate Personal Trainer. Get fit with free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga — featuring world-class Nike Master Trainers in every exercise & drill. Workout anytime, anywhere, and track all your activity in the app. From bodyweight exercises to full-equipment exercises, discover personalised workout recommendations, just for you. Read More

Cold Shower Challenge

Cold showers might just be the best 15 secs you do.


Think it's crazy to have a cold shower, think again. Did you know there are so many amazing benefits to taking a cold shower apart from an instant mood lift!!


Benefits are:

  • Strengthen the immune system.

  • Improve blood circulation.

  • Reduce blood pressure.

  • Improves sleep quality.

  • Improves lymphatic circulation.

  • Strengthens nervous system. 

  • Detoxifies the body.

  • Improves hormonal activity.

  • Reduces recovery time.

The thought may be scary but give it a go and see how you feel.  Also ensure you concentrate on controlling your breathing. Join the #coldshowerchallenge for more information and inspiration and download the challenge sheet.

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Inspiration of the Week

Carly Stats


Travelling can add an additional complexities to staying healthy. Inspo of the week goes to Carly Stats for her food prepping before her Bali trip.  Read here if you want some more tips about travelling with food.

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Book of the Week

Brain Changer by Felice Jacka


'This is a fascinating book, by a leading researcher, covering one of the most exciting areas of modern nutritional research - how what we eat impacts our gut and brain. The combination of personal stories and cutting edge science is a real winner.' Michael Mosley


You feel how you eat. We accept that the quality of our diet affects the health of our heart and liver.  Read More

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Character Trait of the Week - Optimism

Practice of Optimism


To keep a positive and cheerful outlook, remember and practice these points:


  • I have a positive viewpoint.

  • I have faith in all circumstances

  • I trust in positive outcomes.

  • I focus on solutions rather than problems.

  • I see a brighter future.

  • My hope is resilient.

Staying Hydrated

Health Benefits of drinking Lemon Water

Start your day with freshly squeezed lemon in warm water.


Benefits include:

  • Boots your immune system

  • Balances pH

  • Flush out unwanted materials

  • Decrease wrinkles and blemishes

  • Relieve tooth pain

  • Relieves respiratory problems

  • Excellent for weight loss

  • Helps to reduce fever

  • Blood purifier

Benefits of drinking water.jpg