Recipe of the Week - Breakfast

Egg-white Omelette

Start your day with this fluffy egg-white omelette that's rich in protein and bioavailable. This beautiful breakfast recipe is perfect for lazy weekend mornings at home. It's high in protein and bioavailable nutrients for your immune and muscle health. This recipe is served with sautéed mushrooms and baby spinach, however, I also love it served with lightly sauteed leek and freshly grated parmesan cheese. 

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Recipe of the Week - Lunch

Sweet Potato Hash

Difficulty: Easy  

Serves Four


Sweet potatoes are a healthy low GI carb source that's high in beta-carotene the precursor to vitamin A, important for eye health. They are also rich in potassium, necessary for muscle contraction, nerve transmission and normal blood pressure. This is healthy comfort food at it's best and is also vegetarian. Read More 

Recipe of the Week - Dinner

Gluten-Free Spaghetti Bolognese


One-pot meal

Difficulty: Easy


It's nourishing and comforting, easy to prepare and budget-friendly. It keeps for a few days in the fridge or freezes well into portions if you're a little time-poor.  


The important thing to do is to slowly cook your spaghetti bolognese over a slow heat for 1 hour or until the flavours have married perfectly in the pot. Read More 

30 Day Yoga Challenge

30 Days of Yoga is ideal for anyone who wants to add yoga and meditation to their regular training but is not capable of folding themselves into a pretzel, yet. This program offers short and manageable, yet challenging routines with an easy-to-follow structure so it won’t take a lot of time or require you to think twice about your form. It will improve your flexibility, balance and coordination, help with lower back pain and allow you to connect and get in sync with your body and mind. Read More

How to relax after a hard day at work

Leaving work at work


If you're having trouble resting your mind away from the office, you already know it. But what are the consequences? Here are just some of the troubles the tired and relaxation-challenged face at work:

  • Difficulty concentrating.

  • Bad moods and rising workplace conflict.

  • A lack of new ideas or fresh insights.

  • A loss of enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of, their jobs.

In this article, we'll explore how to use relaxation techniques and good habits to relax after a hard day at work. Read More

Inspiration of the week

Massive shout out to these ladies, that together tackled the 1000 steps at lunchtime like a true team. Training together brings fun support and accountability. Also, thanks to Skye for the great pic of the delicious salads that was prepared and shared with the receivables team.

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Let's talk Meditation

Meditation is by far the easiest thing you will do and the hardest thing you will ever do but the most rewarding and beneficial practice that can be a major game-changer in your life. 

My No.1 tip is to not to try and control your thoughts but to allow them in and watch them leave without staying too long.

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Breath-work Meditation 

Holotropic Breath-work

Breath-work meditation is very different from any other meditation that you may have tried. You have the ability to use your breath to transcend the boundaries of the ego, bringing yourself into a deep trance. It is for emotional and spiritual healing and connection. Read More

Character trait of the week - Humour

Humour allows us to bring joyfulness and laughter into peoples lives. Laughter is the common language of all people that uplifts the spirit and makes light of heavy burdens. Humour breaks down walls and fosters a unified connection. Laughter fills our hearts with joy. 


  • I have a joyful spirit.

  • I can see what is funny in situations.

  • I balance humour with respect.

  • I blend laughter with achievement.

  • I unify people with my humour.

  • I bring joy to others through laughter.