Recipe of the Week - Breakfast

Warm Chia Porridge

Cook Time: 20 mins 


This porridge is a bowl of superfood goodness and long lasting energy that will keep you going all morning. I love it because it warms me up and is full of protein, antioxidants and healthy fats to get you glowing from the inside out. Read More

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Recipe of the Week - Lunch

Protein Lunch Bowl

Prep Time: 10 Mins

Gluten Free


Looking for a quick and healthy lunch option? As mums (or dads), our lunch doesn’t have to consist of leftover sandwich triangles from our kids’.  This protein bowl is FULL of flavour. You’ll find yourself eating it again and again. It lends itself to some creativity – allowing you to use up what you have on hand.  Read More

Protein Bowl Salad.jpg
Recipe of the Week - Dinner

Lean Beef Stroganoff


Time: 45 mins

Difficulty: Easy


Check out our easy paleo lean beef stroganoff recipe.  It's a one pan dish that's easy to cook.

Beef is a delicious form of complete protein that supplies amino acids to build and repair, as well as sustain lean muscle. A protein-rich diet can also naturally increase levels of GH and testosterone when combined with nutrient-rich vegetables, quality sleep and regular exercise. 


Vegetarians can use firm organic tofu / tempeh or white cannellini beans and vegetable stock in place of the beef. Read More

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Overcoming Procrastination 

Bite-Sized Training


Procrastination is one of the easiest (and most insidious) traps to fall into. We can become so very clever at convincing ourselves that we have lots of time to complete something tomorrow... or the next day... or the day after that...!!


Designed to fit into just one hour, you'll learn: How to spot procrastination as soon as you start doing it. How to plan the best way to tackle your most important tasks. How to set yourself up so that you stop procrastinating and get on with your work! Download the eBook

Stress Management

Physical Relaxation Techniques using Deep Breathing, PMR and Centering.

In this article, we'll look at deep breathing, progressive muscular relaxation, and centering – three physical techniques that can help you reduce muscle tension and manage the effects of your body's fight-or-flight response.


This is particularly important if you need to think clearly and perform well when you're under pressure. Read More

Inspiration of the week

David Winkler

Dave has been on his own personal transformation journey since January and is doing a stella job! Thanks Dave for sending through your picture of your meal prep last week, a great way to our inspire our other challengers to start their own food prepping. 

Atomic Habits - Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine"

Habits are not the big things in your life, it's the small incremental things that done regularly, make a big difference in your life. 

Our book of choice 'Atomic Habits' is an easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones.  If you don't like the idea of reading, try the audio version.. Listen to it while you are in the car or while you're doing your meal prep. Read More 

Darebee Workouts and Challenges

Over 1300 plus Workouts in Darebee database.

Welcome to Darebee, an independent global fitness resource. Darebee is a non-profit and also an ad-free and product placement-free website. All of the information here has been thoroughly researched and tested and provided free of charge.


You can download and print anything – everything is provided in its entirety with no strings attached.

Darebee will offer you challenges, workouts of the day, running sections, recipes and meal plans along with lots of useful tips and tricks. 

Visit www.darebee.com/workouts for over 1300 plus workouts in their database. You'll be sure to find a workout that resonates with you and your goals.

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Overcoming Procrastination 

The Daily Gratitude Challenge is designed to help you achieve a better state of inner and outer being through the rewiring of your brain's neural pathways. 


Sit down in a quiet place, relax, take a deep breath and mentally list three things you are grateful for today. Repeat the same exercise every day for 30 days. If you can, say the three things aloud. You are not limited by three things but three is the minimum. The list can vary or stay the same from day to day. Read More