Airmaster Fire

Delivering a client-focused Essential Safety Measures solution

Fire Sprinklers

We offer comprehensive maintenance services across Wet Sprinklers, Deluge Systems, Pre-action Systems, Pump Sets and Storage Tanks.

Special Hazards

Our Specialist Technicians are expertly trained in Gaseous Systems, Wet Chemical and Vortex management, meaning we're complete experts in this area.

Portable Equipment

From Extinguishers, Blankets, Hose Reels and Hydrants, we recognise the need to comply with maintenance regulations.

Alarm Systems

We ensure your Alarm Systems are regularly maintained, this includes Interface Testing, Fire Detection, Smoke Alarms and Communication Systems.

Passive Elements

Our in-house, fully trained technicians ensure your Fire and Smoke Doors, Building Elements and Paths of Egress are all up to legal standard.

Consulting & Auditing

We have a national network of fire experts who look after Building Permits, Certifications and Fire Safety and System Audits on your behalf.