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As one of Australia’s leading HVAC and refrigeration services providers, Airmaster is proud of the critical role we play in creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments for our community.


From the Service and Maintenance of mechanical and building services including HVAC, to the delivery of Fire and Essential Services, and the implementation of Smart Building Automation, our solutions are designed to reflect your specific needs.

Leading Edge 

Integrated Services

Integration at

every level

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Airmaster’s reputation has been built on delivering market-leading Service and Maintenance of mechanical 

and building services. 

Our team of professional, qualified technical staff are at the heart of our ability to achieve improved system performance, reliability, energy efficiency and compliance


But our expertise extends beyond service and 

maintenance to include Automation and Controls, critical to achieving system optimisation and performance. Our team is both adept and agile enough to deliver Projects and Installations on time and to budget while Airmaster Fire offers an Essential Safety Measures (ESM) solution to your property’s fire and essential safety requirements.

Airmaster Fire

Airmaster ensures buildings remain 

at the required operational level 

throughout their life, helping owners 

navigate through the complexities and 

multitude of various components, ensuring full compliance with Australian standards.


Expert Advisory Services

providing real value


Having provided service and maintenance to some of Australia’s most iconic properties for more than 30 years, no one knows your building and systems better than Airmaster.


Airmaster Advisory combines this knowledge and the company’s well-known technical expertise with our 

experience in Energy Management, Building Optimisation, Design and Commissioning to support clients with the whole-of-life management of their buildings.


Airmaster Automation is an independent, open protocol provider offering turnkey IoT and cloud-based building network solutions. We deploy these solutions in building management systems across a wide range of property types. 


Our factory-trained Controls and Automation team are able to redefine what is possible when integrating disparate technologies in buildings. These technologies enable entire buildings to constantly improve operation, efficiency and innovation by consolidating multiple systems into a single platform. 


Airmaster has partnered with the world’s industry-leading BMS Integrators and Technologies to offer our customers a 

comprehensive range of solutions that are fully customisable with an energy efficient approach.


Delivering real value through our 

latest technology solutions

Airmaster remains a leader in the implementation of technology solutions in the built environment – evolving with the HVAC industry to introduce competitive technologies and systems that extend real value to our clients by delivering proven cost savings, real-time results and a fast return on investment.


Our experience and expertise in the latest building services technology includes smart IoT solutions in Automation and 

Controls, the use of data and analytics in Intelligent Maintenance and eValuate in conducting accurate Asset 

Auditing and Management. 

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