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No matter their size, type or use, every recreational facility presents a different challenge in the management and maintenance of building services.


We also understand that air conditioning can contribute to significant energy use in a recreational facility environment. Airmaster has long been a company that has been instrumental in reducing the energy consumption and associated costs at sites we maintain and manage.


Important considerations for our clients operation recreational facilities include:

  • maximising plant efficiency and energy use

  • compliance with regulatory standards and codes

  • cost reductions through improved efficiency and minimisation of interruptions.

  • improvement reviews as an ongoing process

  • workplace safety, for Airmaster staff, customer’s representatives, general public and site visitors.


Airmaster has a strong track record in delivering technical services to both private and public recreational facilities including sports arenas, aquatic centres and theatres. As well as delivering measurable improvements in energy efficiency, plant and equipment reliability and operating costs, our expertise in fire and essential safety measures ensures user safety and comfort.  


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