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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

With facilities having an eye to the futureit is clear that there are new operational challenges to face. Airmaster is ensuring that we work closely with our customers to develop strong, measured, and tactical risk mitigation plans that combines the latest technologies with new maintenance practices.


Acknowledging the challenges facing the industry in this new environment,  Airmaster offers a suite of technologies and enhancements to traditional services that ensures risks are mitigated and efficiency is maintained.



IAQ Monitoring and

Occupant Information


Existing BMS infrastructure can provide the ability to measure and verify indoor air quality parameters by adding sensors where there are gaps in the required data. 


The information and intelligence gained from these sensors

can then be utilised to change control parameters in the HVAC system and to provide instant feedback and information by

way of easily accessible dashboards for employees, occupants and visitors.


Ventilation and 



Considered vital in providing healthy spaces within facilities, 

ventilation strategies, such as demand control ventilation (DCV) can ensure humidity is kept in the ideal range of 40-60%. Through multi-faceted sensor technologies and existing BMS control algorithms, DCV strategies are further enhanced by actively monitoring key contaminants that vary the amount of ventilation air in order to meet pre-determined 

optimal dilution levels, ensuring occupant safety and comfort.


Advanced People

Counting Intelligence


By combining anonymous imaging with the latest sensor and data analytics capabilities, people counting and situational awareness intelligence allows facilities to accurately calculate people density in order to pre-empt overcrowding or bottlenecks. By connecting to building automation systems, 

access control, signage systems and lift management systems, this technology can provide orderly queuing, entry and exit of both virtual and physical infrastructure.

Air Scrubber 



The latest generation of air scrubber technologies use

phase change or absorbent materials that automatically regenerate when saturated. These systems clean and

recycle internal air and remove pollutants without the energy 

impact, since ventilation air is reduced to the minimum design rate. They key to these new generation of air scrubber

technologies is the advancementin absorbent materials that are highly effective but also able to regenerate using low 

temperature heat.


UV Lighting Disinfection 



The deployment and treatments delivered by UV-C technology eliminates your HVAC systems as a potential source of coronavirus infection. With a 98%+ kill rate of coronavirus, the added benefit in a well designed UV-C application is the continuous cleaning of cooling and heating coils, with a resultant decrease in pressure drop

and a subsequent reduction in fan energy consumption.

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