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In today’s global marketplace, warehousing and logistics has become big business. Whether your facility is a retail distribution centre, warehouse or important part of the cold chain, we recognise that warehouse environments can be complex environments to manage efficiently.

Providing energy-efficient and 

sustainable integrated solutions


Providing appropriate air conditioning and ventilation to warehousing and logistics facilities can be especially energy-intensive. Airmaster has long been a company that has been instrumental in reducing the energy consumption and associated costs at sites we maintain and manage.



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Important considerations for our

warehouse and logistics customers include:

  • Maximising plant efficiency and energy use

  • Compliance with regulatory standards and codes

  • Cost reductions through improved efficiency and minimisation of interruptions.

  • Improvement reviews as an ongoing process

  • Workplace safety, for Airmaster staff, customer’s representatives, general public and site visitors.


Airmaster has provided technical services and maintenance of building services in the warehouse sector for decades. Our controls and automation specialisation will support key warehouse functions, improve operating efficiencies and ensure indoor conditions are maintained.

Features of our Warehouse offering:


Fire and Essential Safety

Airmaster delivers Fire and Essential Safety Measures solutions that complement Airmaster’s wider range of products and services.


Airmaster ensures buildings remain at the required operational level throughout their life, helping owners navigate through the complexities and multitude of various components, ensuring full compliance with Australian standards.

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