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Aged Care

Australia's aged care sector is coming under increasing demand as the nation's population ages. In 2018-19, over 1.3 million older Australians received some form of aged care, with Australian Government expenditure nearly $20 billion.


Part of the wider healthcare sector, aged care facilities are often considered as critical environments where the effective maintenance and operation of HVAC and refrigeration systems has a direct impact on the ongoing health and wellbeing of aged residents.



Providing a safe 

and Comfortable Environment


Airmaster's preventative service and maintenance programs are designed around the pillars of residential care and comfort, indoor air quality, system performance and operations, safety and reliability and equipment lifecycle.

With upcoming recommendations from the Aged Care Royal Commission due, Airmaster stands ready to assist aged care facilities to both meet and exceed their obligations for the benefit of aged care residents.

Features of our
Aged Care offering:
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UV Lighting Disinfection 



The deployment and treatments delivered by UV-C technology eliminates your HVAC systems as a potential source of coronavirus infection. With a 98%+ kill rate of coronavirus, the added benefit in a well designed UV-C application is the continuous cleaning of cooling and heating coils, with a resultant decrease in pressure drop

and a subsequent reduction in fan energy consumption.

Our Aged Care 


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