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What is a Building Services Network?


A Building Services Network (BSN) provides high speed/high bandwidth data transfer between all engineering systems on site as well as reducing the amount of cabled infrastructure and hardware across a building.


This is achieved through the BSN’s design that allows for either a reduction or elimination of the need for multiple cabling distribution systems, parallel networks and additional head end equipment.


Airmaster’s engineered design of BSN infrastructure is a combination of passive structured cabling and active networking in a mesh topology, supporting the large amount of information transmitted throughout the building. The result is a stable, failsafe and resilient infrastructure for the day-to-day running of the building which provides a cost-effective solution for the roll out of site-wide services, now and into the future.

The Emergence of Building Services Networks


Building Services Networks are fast becoming commonplace in the industry, being specified into greenfield projects as well as building refurbishments and retrofits. The BSN is fast becoming a trade service in its own right and should ideally be deployed by an independent contractor who is not involved with design or installation of any other service in a building. This ensures that the BSN does not simply become converged with another trade services network.

Creating Smart Buildings


As we create smarter buildings, the success of them is in the ability to collect, store and analyse data across many disparate control systems in a building, and enable intelligent services such as Airmaster Intelligent Maintenance, to review this data and actionable intelligence, improving the efficiency of buildings and creating fantastic tenant experiences for building occupants.


As these buildings become more intelligent, the addition of multi-megapixel CCTV, access panels and multi-tenant WiFi means the backbone of the building needs to be able to scale and provide sufficient bandwidth to meet these technologies.


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