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Australia’s data centre environment is rapidly evolving as our appetite for technology creates more data. In fact, such is the growth in data centres globally that some predict the ICT industry will consume as much as 20 per cent of the world’s electricity supply within the next five years.


Among the key drivers we see in the data centre market are energy efficient cooling, such as free cooling, and a reduction in capital cost.


Important considerations for our data centre customers include:

  • system availability, resilience and redundancy for uninterrupted operation

  • maximising plant efficiency and energy use

  • maintainability of plant

  • compliance with regulatory standards and codes

  • cost reductions through improved efficiency and minimisation of interruptions

  • improvement reviews as an ongoing process.


Airmaster has provided mechanical and building services maintenance to enterprise and managed data centres across Australia for many years. We understand the mission critical role that data centres perform, and the significant energy penalty associated with their function. Airmaster has a strong track record in delivering technical services that deliver measurable improvements in energy efficiency, plant and equipment reliability and operating costs.


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