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Marketing SharePoint Site Launched


A Marketing SharePoint site has been launched housing various marketing materials, including Airmaster logos, brochures and templates.


What is SharePoint?


SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. The platform helps to allow teams to easily share files, data, news and resources.  


The Airmaster Marketing SharePoint site has been launched to provide the most up to date marketing resources for all Airmaster staff. The site also provides the latest news articles, helping staff to stay informed with Airmaster’s developments.


Additionally, a SharePoint mobile app is available, allowing staff to find the information they require quickly and while away from their desk. Similar to sending photos via a smartphone, users will have the option to select the document they require and email it the required party.


Why SharePoint?


Marketing made the move from Confluence to SharePoint for a number of reasons, including:


  • The layout provides ease of access to various marketing materials

  • Users receive customised notifications on updated documents and resources, helping to stay better informed

  • The site is user friendly providing simple navigation

  • Being web-based staff will not experience limited access should server maintenance works need to be done

  • If you are logged into your Office365 account, you will not have to login twice to access the Marketing site 



How to access SharePoint


You can access the Marketing SharePoint site via the below link.


You may be prompted to enter your Office365 login details, if you are unaware of these, raise a ticket with Airmaster IT.


Note this is site is only accessible to Airmaster staff, should you require to forward a document to an external party, download the document first. If accessing the site via the mobile app, please see our user guide for further information.

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