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Aaron Salt - Chair of FPAA Queensland Local Coordinating Committee

As a member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA), Airmaster are committed to advocating the importance of fire protection to policy makers while professionally representing the industry to the wider community.

Integral to the ongoing work of the FPAA are the contributions of appointed Local Coordinating Committees (LCC). LCC's comprise industry volunteers who discuss relevant issues, provide guidance, and identify projects that help to improve the fire protection industry in each state or territory. They also suggest topics for local events.

Airmaster's Aaron Salt is Chair of the FPAA Queensland Local Coordinating Committee. The FPAA recently invited Aaron to share his perspective and to give insights into what plans are in the works for the Queensland LCC.

Why did you agree to become the Queensland Chair?

I attended a Member Update back in July 2019 to hear what the FPAA were doing, and approached Paul Waterhouse (FPAA National Manager - Engagement) afterwards to see how I could contribute. When he asked me if I would chair the LCC, I jumped at the opportunity.

What are you hoping to achieve as the Chair?

I want to keep the committee members motivated as they develop ideas for projects that will contribute to the success of the industry. The LCC aims to be the conduit between members and the FPAA by creating an open dialogue on relevant topics, so hopefully the coming year will give us the opportunity to catch up with other members in person.

How can the LCC better liaise with the wider state membership?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder to meet as a committee, let alone run events, but we're keen to increase our activity over the next year.

We are planning a member update and state mini-conference for later in the year (subject to COVID-19 restrictions), which we hope will be the first of many. Running more events will give us the opportunity to talk to members in person and understand the issues they are facing, which can then be brought to the FPAA’s attention.

What has the committee achieved, and what are its plans for the future?

Our most immediate project is a good practice guide on compliance and reporting requirements – what they are and what you need to do - which we hope to get underway soon. We are also organising an event in the next couple of months on navigating the new QBCC rules.

So, while the committee is still in its infancy, and has been somewhat hampered by COVID-19 restrictions, the future looks bright.


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