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Airmaster Automation Completes Upgrade Project: Dumas House MSSB

Having initiated the Mechanical Services Switchboard (MSSB) upgrade at Dumas House in early January 2022, Airmaster Automation have now achieved practical completions for both the design, supply, installation, commissioning of MSSB-LB & MSSB-L14 inclusive of all BMS and Fire interface. This project was delivered in conjunction with our key client JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) and sub-contractor NRP Electrical Services.

Located in Perth’s western business district, Dumas House is the central operations and location facility for the Western Australian government.

Constructed in 1965, Dumas House tenants the governments key personnel including government portfolio executive directors, the honourable government ministers, the honourable Western Australian Premier and their associated operational staff.

Scope of works

The project encompassed the complete engineering, construction and commissioning of the lower basement, upper plant, cooling water loop plant MSSB’s and the new mains feeders to each new MSSB.

The commissioning, engineering and associated installation for all BMS HVAC and Fire HVAC interface services associated with the MSSB’s was also successfully delivered. Along with the installation and certification of plant room fire doors which conforms to the latest AS3000 standards.

Another completed contract deliverable included the project scheduling and risk management of the building’s associated assets, specifically the building’s tenants (the Western Australian Government). The pre project works required delivery of the detailed occupational health and safety documentation, planning and delivery hierarchy, pre project risk analysis undertaking and associated documentation approval. This was not only specific to the project logistical delivery requirements, but importantly, the risk analysis for all deliverables impact on the incumbent tenants.

Airmaster, along with JLL and sub-contractor NRP Electrical Services, were able to execute the awarded works, with zero impact (downtime) to the building tenants, but also one month before the agreed scheduled date of completion.

A Collaborative Effort

The achieved success of a project of this size, complication and risk, is always reliant on the interpersonal relationships, project management, engineering delivery and collaborative abilities of the organisations involved.

JLL and Airmaster collectively developed and delivered the entire end-to-end project management, client liaison, tenant liaison, SMP & OHS. Electrical engineering, construction, installation and commissioning was completed by NRP Electrical Services. This was delivered together with Airmaster Automation, Airmaster Projects and Airmaster Fire.

Airmaster conducted the project risk analysis, HVAC Fire installation and commissioning, and installation of the fire doors and its AS3000 Certification. Works also included duct removal and hard surfaces logistics carried out by Airmaster’s Western Australia Projects team.

Airmaster thanks both JLL and NRP Electrical Services for the input provided to help deliver this successful project to the highest standards.

Before and after shots of installations and commissioning that was completed at Dumas House.


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