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Airmaster benefits from attending the Niagara Summit

Members of Airmaster’s Controls and Automation department recently attended the 2018 Niagara Summit. Held in New Orleans, the summit is the premier industry showcase for connected devices and systems.

Developers, programmers, building engineers, end users and executives came together to share the latest innovations and breakthroughs, discuss business and technology trends that are shaping the Internet of Things, and learn more about the advancements to the Niagara Framework.

For the team at Airmaster, it was an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals as well as attend the many breakout sessions that were extremely beneficial and provided real examples of the Niagara Community in action.

For Airmaster Queensland Controls and Automation Manager, Adam Browne it also allowed him to learn about upcoming products and improvements from Tridium and the wider community. “Tridium’s new hardware offering looks promising along with the Cloud solutions that will change how we deliver our services into the future,” he said.

It was also a chance to connect with companies like Cochrane Supply who operate in the US market as Master System Integrators, a role that very few Australian companies have the privilege to carry out. Airmaster are one of those few who are a market leader in this role. On discussing his interactions with Cochrane Supply, Adam said “a notification app developed by Cochrane Supply was of keen interest, it will bring client interaction with systems to the next level.”

As a founding partner of Project Haystack, an open source initiative in standardising the BMS industry, the Summit also allowed the team to meet and discuss their support of the program with John Petze, Executive Director of Project Haystack.

Airmaster were also on hand to provide support to IoT Solutions partner Conserve It and further help promote their industry leading products PlantPRO2.0 as well as their range of IoT Edge Controllers an industry breakthrough product. “Given our close relationship with Conserve It, it was fantastic to see how well the Edge Controllers were widely anticipated and well received” said Adam.


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