Airmaster CEO Noel Courtney speaks at Schneider Electric conference in Hong Kong

Airmaster CEO Noel Courtney was this past weekend invited to speak at Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Conference in Hong Kong. As part of the EcoXpert Innovation Sessions, Noel spoke with Schneider Electric’s Paul Crothers on Airmaster being an EcoXpert partner and the ability to provide a comprehensive smart building solution across a number of Airmaster projects.

The EcoXpert Program allows Airmaster to offer a number of technology products to assist with energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for new and existing sites.

Airmaster and Schneider Electric have a strong history, and Noel was honoured to having been invited to speak at the conference. “It was fantastic to be a part of the conference and share Airmaster’s experiences on being an EcoXpert partner.” He said.

“Working within the EcoXpert program allows us not only to leverage Schneider’s products but to package those products into solutions that add so much more value.”

Schneider Electric EcoXpert solutions have been implemented across various Airmaster projects including 100 Queen St, Melbourne, Pacific Epping Shopping Centre, Melbourne, Nintendo Headquarters, Melbourne and the Novotel Hotel, Geelong.

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