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Airmaster provides Building Services Network for Tuggeranong Office Park

Airmaster’s Building Services Network project for Tuggeranong Office Park recently featured in Australian National Construction Review.

Airmaster Australia provided a Building Services Network (BSN) for Tuggeranong Office Park, a product that streamlined operations and minimised overhead duplications.

Airmaster Branch Manager (ACT), Rob Huntington said the BSN uses the common network platform (Ethernet TCP/IP) shared by a majority of technologies used in the operation of a building.

“The primary objective is to provide commonality for data transfer between all engineering systems onsite and to reduce the amount of cabled infrastructure and hardware across the building,” he explains. “This is achieved through the BSN’s design that allows for either a reduction or elimination of the need for multiple cabling distribution systems, parallel networks and additional head end equipment.”

Airmaster’s engineered design of the BSN infrastructure is a combination of passive structured cabling and active networking, supporting the large amount of information transmitted throughout the building. The result is a stable, failsafe and resilient infrastructure for the day-to-day running of the building which provides a cost effective solution for the roll out of site wide services, now and into the future.

This is an excerpt from a full article in Australian National Construction Review.


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