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Airmaster's Jason Harrison to present at AIRAH Forum

Airmaster NSW State Manager, Jason Harrison has been invited to deliver a presentation on Data Driven Maintenance in HVAC Systems at AIRAH's Big Data and Analytics Forum.

The AIRAH Conference to be held in Sydney on Thursday 1st August will explore what big data is and how, as an industry, what can be done to improve the built environment's operational efficiencies.

Harrison will discuss the transformation the industry is currently seeing in the way maintenance is performed using the power of data and improving the building's efficiency.

By combining existing practices and knowledge applied to service and maintenance with data analytics, traditional approaches are further optimised using the latest technologies.

Harrison will discuss the benefits behind this newest technology and how data driven maintenance provides a continuous stream of actionable intelligence assisting facility management operations.

To learn more or register for the conference, visit the Big Data and Analytics Forum event's page.


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