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Airmaster's Partnership with RUSU Combats Student Food Insecurity at RMIT University

Airmaster recently partnered with RMIT University Student Union’s (RUSU), Compass Cupboard and Compass Marketplace welfare programs – supporting food security to ensure that students can achieve their best academic outcomes.

Inflation, increased rents and cost of living has seen poverty and food insecurity become a huge problem for students across the country.

The impact of food insecurity on academic performance, as well as retention and completion rates, is well documented, as are its impacts on mental health, including a lower, self-reported, mental health status.

RUSU dedicates significant resources specifically to the provision of food to RMIT students on campus through free weekly breakfasts and lunches, social events, food pantries, marketplaces and grocery vouchers.

Find out more:

RUSU’s Free Food Initiatives:

Compass Welfare Programs:


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