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Airmaster supports not for profit organisation - Beyond the Orphanage

Since it’s humblest beginnings in 1988, Airmaster CEO Noel Courtney has always been passionate about giving back to the community. Over the past 30 years, Airmaster has provided support to numerous charities, grassroots sporting clubs and other not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and overseas.

Beyond the Orphanage is an international program that provides at-risk children with a safe haven from dangerous circumstances, and enables organisations to provide them with a home, food and education as they grow into self-reliant adults.

In October 2018, with Airmaster and Noel’s help, Beyond the Orphanage opened a new house – Courtney House - in Janakpur, southern Nepal.

“To be able to help provide a safe and loving home, as well as access to basic necessities that we often take for granted, is something that I care deeply about,” said Noel.

“These children are some of the world’s most vulnerable people, so being able to work with a great organisation like Beyond the Orphanage allows us to ensure they are given the chance to have a strong future.”

The house will enable ten orphaned children, many of whom are victims of child trafficking, to be cared for in a loving home environment.

At the opening of the house in Janakpur were the Chief of Police, the Deputy Minister of Social Development, the local Ward Chief and several Ward representatives, all of whom are supportive of the work done by Beyond the Orphanage.

Courtney House will be run in the same manner as a similar house in Birgunj, Nepal, where ten children live with their house mother and supporting staff who the children view as extended family.


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