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Celebrating women in HVAC

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Airmaster spoke with 3rd-year apprentice Susan Tohu on entering the HVAC industry and the support TAFE SA played in this decision.

Susan Tohu was recently featured in a TAFE SA campaign to promote a women’s only Electrotechnology course. Having completed her Certificate II in Electrotechnology, Susan was more than happy to promote this exciting new initiative.

Having previously worked in hospitality, Susan was looking for a career change that would help support her young family. Chatting with Susan, she knew she wanted to embark on a trade but wasn’t sure which trade.

“I knew I wanted to do a trade but didn’t know which one. I was interested in both Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.”

Susan made contact with TAFE SA to discuss her choices and they mentioned the Electrotechnology information session coming up would be beneficial as Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning go hand in hand. The Certificate II Program in Electrotechnology course gives students the skills they need for a career in refrigeration and electrical. Upon attending the information session, Susan knew this is what she wanted to do and enrolled straight away.

After finishing the program, Susan was referred to Airmaster by one of her lecturers. “The lecturers have strong contacts and connections in the industry,” said Susan.

Susan’s time at Airmaster has been rewarding, ”they are very supportive and encouraging”, said Susan.

“I really enjoy working in the HVAC industry, no two days are the same. From compressor changes, pump changes to fixing commercial air conditioning units. We analyse the problem, find a solution and then fix it.”

The new woman’s only Electrotechnology course will help females gain trade training in this ‘in-demand’ career and provide the necessary skills for women who are considering seeking an apprenticeship in either refrigeration or electrical. Susan highly recommends applying for the course.

“I would definitely encourage women to apply to study in this field. Don’t be put off by thinking you can’t do it as you are never alone. The support is amazing.”

To learn more about the Certificate II Program in Electrotechnology (Career Start for Women), visit the TAFE SA website.


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