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Client Profile: Hydro Tasmania

Since their first hydropower development a century ago, Hydro Tasmania has been a leader in renewable energy development and is Australia’s largest producer of renewable energy.

Today, they use a combination of water and wind power to harness natural energy that is sold on the national grid.

Airmaster is working closely with Hydro Tasmania in servicing and maintaining their sites, which vary from their 11-storey head office on Hobart’s waterfront, to their many workshops, wilderness accommodation sites and power generation plants around Tasmania.

Using our eValuate Asset Management technology system, Airmaster worked closely with Hydro Tasmania across 25 sites to capture and detail over 650 assets, providing them with comprehensive asset lifecycle management and tracking.

Owned by the Government of Tasmania and employing over 1100 staff, Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading renewable energy business and is the largest water manager in Australia.

As Australia’s leading renewable energy business, Hydro Tasmania generates an incredible amount of energy for the Australian market.

Every year, they produce around 9000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity from hydropower – our renewable energy. That’s enough electricity to power over 50,000 small businesses in Australia.

As the largest manager of water in Australia, Hydro Tasmania has a responsibility for 45 of Tasmania’s major lakes and at least 1200 km of natural creeks and rivers are influenced by their hydropower operations in some way.

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