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Haystack Connect 2017 – Where Data Gets Real

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

As a founding member of Project Haystack, Airmaster are once again excited to be a part of the Haystack Connect conference.

Taking place May 8 – 10, 2017 at Saddlebrook Resort, Florida, the conference will focus on data analytics and real world challenges.

There is no question that data from the Internet of Things and the analytics and visualization technologies that have emerged to create value from that data are revolutionizing the way we manage and operate buildings, equipment systems energy and our physical world.

Along with real, tangible results, the field is also experiencing a significant amount of hype. This hype can result in confusion for end users and even the most experienced industry practitioners.

It’s a known fact that machine data can produce amazing results – it’s also known that it takes real work, knowledge of the underlying systems, and new skills to implement successful data solutions.

The Project Haystack community is singularly focused on addressing the real world challenges involved in using machine data to create and drive value.

Haystack Connect 2017 will be the place where data and creating value from it gets real. The sponsors, speakers, and technical program will provide attendees with the most concrete, factual information available. This Information will help owners, operators, and systems integrators and end-users separate reality from hype. Vendors will present solutions that demonstrate their tangible value, steering clear of hype-filled claims that gloss over the real-world challenges.

The Call for Speakers is open until March 15, 2017. Learn about how to submit a proposal on your topic area of expertise at the Haystack Connect website.


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