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Interview with Jasmine De Sair: Airmaster Automation Apprentice

Jasmine De Sair from our Victorian Automation team, who last year completed her electrical automation apprenticeship, shares her thoughts on the automation and controls industry and why she chose this career path.

For over 30 years, Airmaster Automation has provided turnkey IoT and cloud-based building network solutions as an independent, open protocol provider. We deploy these solutions in building management systems across a wide range of property types, from commercial office buildings, retail facilities and everything in between.

These solutions are delivered Australia-wide by our expert local teams who are backed up by our national support team of product and engineering specialists.

Our Automation team has seen significant growth over the years, employing many people just like Jasmine, who started with Airmaster back in May 2018.

What made you undertake an apprenticeship with Airmaster?

I completed my electrical pre-apprenticeship when I first finished high school and applied for a full-time apprenticeship with Airmaster shortly after.

I then chose to take the automation apprenticeship to gain a more diverse skill set. I opted for this over a typical electrical apprenticeship, where most of the skills needed are learnt early on and becomes quite repetitive.

With automation, there are so many potential pathways to follow, and plenty of opportunities to further your knowledge and education with advanced studies.

What are the most rewarding parts of working in Automation?

Automation is rewarding in the fact that you're always learning new things every day. You can face a challenge that you haven't had much experience with in the morning, and then with help from others around you, by the afternoon you understand the problem and how to fix it.

You then also gain the knowledge to help more people in the future if they face the same issue. Fellow Automation team members help you out with whatever they can whenever you need it, they have given me lots of support throughout the journey which has been amazing.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give those interested in a similar career?

If you enjoy problem solving and facing new challenges, then automation is a great career path. It's definitely worth having a go, because once you pick it up, there are so many doors and opportunities that open up. It's a steady career that won't come to a standstill anytime soon.

I would strongly encourage more people to apply for jobs in automation, as it's a well sought-after industry, with lots of potential to grow your skills. With an electrical apprenticeship, not only are you getting taught relevant on the job skills, you’re also applying it to your schooling, all whilst earning an income.

I'm really grateful to have been able to complete this whole process from start to finish working for Airmaster, especially in the Controls and Automation team.


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