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Mission Accomplished: Airmaster Upgrades Ayers Rock Airport Control Tower.

When a scheduled service and maintenance visit identified a faulty PCB board on a cassette A/C unit serving the Control Tower at Ayers Rock Airport, Airmaster’s Business Development Manager, Gary Harnwell, didn’t let location or challenges deter him.

With the local sub-contractor unavailable and replacement equipment located in Sydney, Gary took matters into his own hands.

After arranging swift delivery via Daikin of two FCA125CVMA/RZAC125C2V1 units from Sydney to Airmaster’s Melbourne branch, the trailer was loaded, and Senior Technicians Ross Turner and Brenton Pyper were ready and waiting to join the mission.

Embarking on a 3-day, 2,300 km road-trip from Melbourne to Ayers Rock, Ross and Brenton braved scorching ambient temperatures of nearly 40 degrees Celsius, delivering a full replacement solution to Airmaster’s valued client, Airservices Australia.

Familiar with the Ayers Rock Airport Control Tower and Fire Station sites through regular preventative maintenance visits, Brenton and Ross worked tirelessly over a 2-day period to facilitate the critical works, safeguarding the smooth continuation of flights to and from the region.

Teamwork was the driving force behind this successful endeavour. Kudos to Ross Turner, Brenton Pyper, Gary Harnwell, and Travis Kennedy for their unwavering commitment to delivering client-centric solutions nationwide!

Learn more about Airmaster’s planned maintenance programs at Service and Maintenance | Airmaster | Australia.


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