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New Hybrid VRF System provides unique solution

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

A new and unique Hybrid VRF system was recently installed on the Murray Princess paddle steamer by Airmaster’s South Australia branch, the first of six to be installed on what is the largest inland paddlewheeler in the southern hemisphere.

Due to ongoing issues with the previous system installed by another contractor, the unit was entirely removed and replaced with the Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF system.

Jointly designed and developed by Airmaster and Mitsubishi, the water-cooled condenser, located in a small plant room, uses the river water as the temperature exchange medium and supplies refrigerant to the branch box. Within the branch box, heat exchangers then transfer energy to water, which circulates to the indoor units.

The installation brings the future total of indoor units on the ship to 77 and is the only one of its kind in South Australia to date.

The project was delivered by Airmaster Project Manager Joe Larosa.

“In the six months since handover, the client is more than happy with the final outcome. There are now plans for Airmaster to assist in stages two to six over the coming years,” he said.

Currently, 15 slim bulkhead-type ducted units each serve a bedroom, and one floor standing unit has been installed inside a cabinet on the captain’s deck.

A colour touch-screen provides staff with full control of the system and will accommodate future systems.


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