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Raising the bar for office building in Geelong

235 Ryrie St is a 4,400 square metre office building in the central business district of Geelong. The building already has some tenants committed to energy efficiency through the CitySwitch program and as a result see efficient building performance as a valuable attribute. The building had already undergone some energy efficiency upgrades, mostly lighting, and through the program underwent a comprehensive approach to reposition their asset as an efficient and effective one.

The opportunities assessment identified a number of upgrades that would increase the function of the building automation systems. As a result, the building owners invested in a range of improvements, including installation of a new building management system and new controllers on fans, dampers and the boiler. They also installed occupancy sensors in common areas, 26 new temperature sensors throughout the building, a sensor on the gas meter and carbon monoxide sensors in the downstairs carpark.

The HVAC was also recommissioned which included air balancing, and documentation was updated for all the systems that had been changed throughout the life of the building. Four new meters were then installed on power mains, mechanical services, common lighting and lifts. A regeneration unit was installed on the lift counterweight so that energy could be recovered from the movement of the lift.

The building also identified opportunities for improvement to be completed and investigated in the near future, such as window film treatments, and asset management documentation for future reference and planning.

Click here to read the full Sustainability Victoria Case Study


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