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Staff Profile: Simon Rickard

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe, it has changed the way millions of people carry out their work, and this is no exception for Airmaster.

Over the coming weeks, Airmaster will chat with various staff members to gain some insight into some of the challenges they are facing and how they are dealing with them personally and professionally.

Simon Rickard is the Managing Director of Airmaster Fire and shares his thoughts on the current situation.

Over the past month, we have sat back and seen the evolution of a "new normal", which has presented challenges in every corner of our lives. Early on, I recognised that businesses needed to make the wellbeing and mental health of their staff and families, the highest priority. It is so pleasing to see that this has been at the forefront of Airmaster's approach.

For a relatively new business, the timing of recent events has added additional pressures to Airmaster Fire. Collectively our management and administration staff have been finding their feet and developing their roles, and now we find ourselves working from our homes. From the outset, I recognised the importance of communication, I have approached this on several fronts. Equally challenging is the support we provide our wonderful field staff, which we are now supporting remotely.

We have found ourselves developing new and eventful ways to ensure that for Airmaster Fire, it feels like Business as Usual, which is challenging as there is not a whole lot of "usual" at the moment.

Supporting these efforts are regular weekly telecons with all staff, with further, more specific discussions with the Administration and Management Team. All discussions are held on Microsoft Teams, our new best friend. I remain confident that Airmaster Fire can provide a high standard of communication, which, when coupled with our anticipated sales pipeline, should provide our staff confidence for what lies ahead.

I am placing a high importance on communication that is both honest and sincere. To me, I need my staff to recognise the primary focus of the business is their wellbeing and that of their families. When the tide turns in the future, what will remain will be a group of people who over the past 2¾ years, have supported each other through the most challenging shared experience that any of us will ever face. The Airmaster Fire business of the future will be borne out great adversity, that through shared focus and commitment of its staff will be best placed to leave these unfortunate events behind us.


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