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Tasmanian Projects team deliver cost-saving chiller replacement solution

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Over the past five years, Airmaster has worked with Burnie City Council, providing HVAC&R maintenance and technical services. Work on a recent chiller replacement at the City chambers has seen the Airmaster Projects team deliver an energy efficient and cost-saving solution to the Council.

The driving force behind the replacement was due to the existing asset's age and being at end of life. Coupled with the age and the high costs to help maintain the chiller to stay operational, the trend data also suggested the costs would be exponentially higher this financial year. Airmaster worked closely with the Council, determining the company could provide considerable financial savings to the client by providing a "design and construct" quotation for the replacement of the machine.

Completion of the design utilised a GeoClima reverse cycle chiller including an integral hydronics package complete with duty/cycle pumps and buffer tank. To further expedite the process, GeoClima was able to supply an existing unit that was fit for purpose. Having the unit on hand resulted in the standard lead time of 12 – 14 weeks being nullified.

To ensure transparency and integrity on council expenditure, the Council also had the proposal independently reviewed and subsequently awarded the contract to Airmaster.

Ensuring expenses were kept at a minimum for the client, the deconstruction of the existing equipment was done in a particular way resulting in smaller crane usage and not restricting traffic on main roads.

Project Operations Manager for Tasmania, Tom Green, reflected on the success of the project, "the result is a highly efficient machine – delivered on time, with zero health, safety or environmental incidents and on budget."

"The hard work from our installation team ensured a fantastic finished product for our valued customer and a great example of the "solution providing" natured relationships we enter into with our customer base."

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