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Staff Service Recognition


As the year comes to an end, Airmaster Management takes the time to acknowledge some of our longest-serving staff across the country. To commemorate significant milestones, each employee is gifted an Airmaster pin recognising their valuable service to the company.


Congratulations to this year’s staff who reached a milestone. Your dedication and commitment to the company certainly doesn't go unnoticed.

10 Years


Wendy Best

Matthew Brunt

Alfred Carter

Miles Corompt

Tim Crohill

Neil Dickson

Robbie Fanning

John Ford

Dean Hewer

John Kremastes

Brett Lawry

Aaron Lendaro

Dominic Mazzoleni

Nicholas McDonald

Pat McManus

John Morcas

Dave Repper

Brent Sharp

Goran Talevski

Vlad Ugrinov

Doug Wallis

Sian Wilkinson

Matt Wisniewski

15 Years


Todd Blenman

Mark Bluett

Adrian DeAngelis

Paul Edwards

Wayne Gladstone

Ian Henderson

Rob Huntington

Scott Palin

Irene Winter

20 Years


Kylie Kayrooz


25 Years


Lana Boshell

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