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Airmaster launches New Zealand expansion, Optimum Air

Airmaster Australia has today announced its expansion into the New Zealand HVAC market with the launch of Optimum Air.

The move represents the company’s first foray outside of Australia.

Founded in 1988, Airmaster is an award-winning technical solutions company, delivering end-to-end management of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial and process cooling and building automation.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Airmaster services all states and territories from 12 branches around Australia, and employs over 800 staff.

Speaking at the company’s announcement, Airmaster CEO Noel Courtney said the time is right for Airmaster to cross the Tasman and enter New Zealand’s growing HVAC market, trading under the name Optimum Air.

“This is an exciting time for Airmaster,” Courtney said. “Having grown our operations across all of Australia, New Zealand represents a natural progression for us in terms of expansion.”

Optimum Air’s first branch will be located in the Auckland suburb of Mount Wellington, and will employ local management and technicians. Branches in other cities are planned for the future.

“Airmaster is a proud, innovative company and we are thrilled to begin our journey in New Zealand with the launch of Optimum Air,” said Courtney.

“We believe our culture, values and reputation will allow us to grow our New Zealand operations, and we look forward to creating new opportunities for the best and brightest of New Zealand’s HVAC industry.”

Courtney said Optimum Air would offer the same products, services and solutions as those currently provided to Airmaster’s Australian-based customers.

“Many Airmaster customers already have a New Zealand presence, and we look forward to introducing our innovative approach to HVAC and mechanical services in this exciting market.”

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