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Airmaster supports National Careers Week on the Sunshine Coast

As part of National Careers Week, Airmaster’s Sunshine Coast branch staff engaged with Unity College, workshopping with Year 10 students across a series of visits with the presentation of resumes and job interview etiquette.

Sunshine Coast Branch Manager, Dominic Mazzoleni, and Business Development Manager, Matt Peters, attended the school, alongside two apprentices Maddy and Heath, to talk to students about opportunities in the trades industry.

Being committed to community engagement, Dominic said the opportunity was a fantastic way to get involved with the students and use Airmaster’s knowledge and experience to encourage students to consider taking on a trade when they finish school.

The branch has worked with students for the past three years through a ‘work experience program’ where students were invited on site to work closely with account managers and technicians. Regarding this collaboration as “highly beneficial,” Dominic says the workshop was intended to bring awareness of job opportunities at Airmaster and encourage students to consider the company when choosing their careers.

“Local community engagement is something we are passionate about here at Airmaster. Though our organisation operates on a national level, we have a very family-focused sense of pride in our business, so involving those at a grass roots level allows us to build relationships with the next generation of Airmaster employees.”

Branch Manager, Dominic Mazzoleni and Business Development Manager Matt Peters, talked to students about the industry and offered valuable employment advice.

From being previous students to becoming apprentices at Airmaster, Maddy and Heath also attended the workshop to speak about their real-life experiences working in the HVAC industry whilst offering advice to the current cohort about choosing and starting a career.

Maddy Brearley’s involvement was particularly beneficial as she proved that the trade industry is a suitable career path for females and talked to the students about how her decision to pick up the tools was “the best thing she has ever done.”

“For any female or male student wondering whether to start a trade, I’d say absolutely go for it,” said Maddy.

“I had so many doubts, but I didn’t give up and I stuck with it. I often get a surprised response from people when I say I am a tradie, but I never great treated differently at work, which makes me love my job.”

Airmaster will continue their involvement at Unity College and will further continue to support students in the industry designed work placement program.


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