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Airmaster Projects team engineers cost-saving solution for Melbourne Airport

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The Airmaster Projects team recently worked with Melbourne Airport to replace over 12 split systems units located on the aerobridges at Terminal 2. Many of the units had failed due to being in unserviceable areas. Airmaster was tasked with the replacement and relocation of these units. They successfully moved the units from the top of the aerobridge to the side, allowing technicians a more accessible area to carry out service and maintenance.

Additionally, the project scope was extended to ensure any future unit replacement can be done with ease. The solution engineered by Airmaster Projects means that an entire bracket replacement will no longer be required helping to reduce any additional costs for the client. Rather, the brackets installed to support the units can be modified to suit different models and brands, therefore, helping to meet the client's future requirements.

The below timelapse video shows the replacement and relocation of the units.


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