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Looking Back – New Ownership, New Opportunities

The acquisition between Daikin and Airmaster, which commenced on 3rd July 2017, brought two of Australia’s most respected brands together based upon principles of mutual respect and shared values.

In our final “looking back” post, we reflect on the opportunities made available to Airmaster once the two companies forged.

Just a few months shy of its 30th year in business, the board of Airmaster Australia announced it had entered into an agreement for the company to become fully owned by Daikin Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd.

“Forging this agreement with Daikin made perfect sense for both companies,” says Courtney. “In doing so, we combined two respected industry leaders, both with a strong and loyal customer base. Both companies share the same values, culture and vision that will continue to strengthen our respective customer relationships.”

The bringing together of Airmaster and Daikin under single ownership has combined the collective skills, expertise, scale and resources of the two companies. Already in the short time since the acquisition, the growth aspirations and potential of Airmaster is being realised.

“We’ve already seen doors open where they were never open before,” says Courtney.

“Airmaster is part of an international business now and I’m excited about what we can achieve, and the opportunities that are now available for all Airmaster people and our clients.”


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