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Southern Sun: A History of Airmaster in South Australia

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Airmaster opened its Adelaide branch in 2006 following the commencement of a major contract with Vicinity retail.

The office began operation out of it’s Dudley Park headquarters with a small team of four employee’s helping to bring Airmasters knowledge and expertise to the local Adelaide market.

Beginning as HVAC, BMS maintenance, service and installations specialists, growth within the business has now seen the branch add essential fire to their suite of integrated services. These integrated services have been an instrumental focus for the Adelaide team when negotiating and tendering for maintenance agreements.

With the company committed to bringing a wealth of award-winning solutions to the local industry, John Meijer was appointed branch manager in 2011 to direct and manage 29 staff across all departments.

Under his direction, the company has been able to successfully secure an impressive register of local contracts as well as national tenders thanks to their focus on building and nurturing relationships on a localised scale.

“Airmaster South Australia started as a support mechanism for the company’s national footprint. Over the past 10 years we have adopted a more local focus, forging new relationships and building on existing partnerships to secure contracts in the local market“ says Branch Manager John Meijer.

Such has been the success of Airmaster South Australia that business revenue has seen upwards of a 60% increase since John Meijer’s appointment as branch manager.

Contracts secured in the government, education, health, and retail sectors have allowed Airmaster to build a strong reputation and be instrumental drivers in the HVAC market whilst leading the way with conversions of integrated service agreements.

Dedicated to innovation, performance and delivering tangible results for clients, Airmaster has seen 70% of their business derive from South Australian clientele, which can be highly attributed to the now 46 employees who have collectively helped develop a significant footprint in the local industry.

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