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Airmaster and BUENO Queensland teams roll up their sleeves to save lives

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

On Monday 20th February, Airmaster and BUENO’s Queensland teams united in a local effort to save lives.

Airmaster and BUENO recently partnered with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service in a movement called Red25 – a unique giving program which rallies groups and organisations around the country to achieve 25 percent of all blood donations needed.

Australia needs 1.3 million blood donations each year to assist those in need, and currently 16 percent of these blood products come from group donations. The Red25 program aims to increase that benchmark to 25 percent.

It’s a grand goal, but Airmaster’s employees believed they were up to the task.

Wayne Van Aken, Airmaster’s Queensland State Manager, said the 25 percent figure was achievable and the organisation’s contribution will be one step towards that worthy goal.

“We feel honoured to work with such a fantastic organisation like the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. It was the staff members’ idea to join Red25 and donate blood together as part of our corporate social responsibility program”.

“We know that thousands of people need blood every day, and we want to raise awareness in the community about the importance of saving lives through blood donation,” he said.

“It’s great to see the Airmaster and BUENO Queensland crew get behind this great cause and roll up their sleeves,” said Wayne. “We’re on track to save over 90 lives in just a few hours thanks to the team donating today!”

Blood Service spokesperson Wes Thomas commended the efforts of Airmaster’s employees for joining together to build camaraderie, and do something special for those in need.

“The fact is that one in three people will need blood in their lifetime, chances are they could be your workmate, neighbour or family member”.

“Donating blood takes only one hour, and is an easy way to help cancer patients, burns, surgical and trauma patients, people with immune disorders and many others,” he said.

Any business or group can donate as part of Red25. Donations are tracked online, allowing groups to monitor how many lives they have saved and how much of a difference they have made together.

For details on Red25 or joining Airmaster’s blood donation group nationally, visit and use ‘Airmaster’ as the group donation name or call 13 14 95


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