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From Fridge to Ridge - The Great Trek to Raise Money for Poverty

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

This coming September, Airmaster colleagues and friends, Todd Blenman and David Baillie, will tackle their hardest physical challenge yet joining forces with Oxfam Australia to fight the global poverty epidemic.

The Oxfam Trailwalker has been run in Australia since 1999, and requires teams of four participants to trek 100km in a variety of walking conditions, completing the task in 48 hours. The overall experience which has been deemed by the boys as “mentally and physically enduring,” is a feet first approach to tackling poverty across the globe.

Having heard about the challenge a few years ago, Regional Service Manager for Airmaster’s Newcastle branch Todd, said it had always been on his ‘to-do’ list.

“It sparked my interest a few years ago, but the timing was never right. When registration opened this time around, I wanted to get the boys together and commit to it.”

Participating in multiple challenges to raise money for various organisations over the years, Todd has helped bring awareness to many causes, including men’s mental health and domestic violence.

“Yes, the challenge will put us out of our comfort zone for 48 hours, but we have to remember that impoverished nations don’t have access to the things we do. These people have lived below the poverty line their whole life.”

Promoting himself as someone “who loves and challenge, and to be challenged,” Todd brought the idea forward to Key Account Team Leader David, who agreed taking upon a new fitness project would fulfill a worthy cause.

Branch Manager Todd Blenman Key Account Team Leader David Baillie

The Airmaster boys, alongside two other friends started team From Fridge to Ridge and will face months of endurance training to prepare for Septembers big 100km trek through New South Wales. The challenge allows teams 48 hours to complete the walk, with rest stops and support provided along the way. Beginning at Parsley Bay, walkers will be faced with plenty of gruelling conditions, before finally finishing at Manly’s scenic Tania Park.

Though both fitness enthusiasts, Todd and David have both agreed they have never been faced with a challenge so physically demanding. David, who brands himself “the least fit of the bunch,” has said he is glad to be completing such a task with the support of work colleagues and friends, motivating himself to be home just in time for Father’s Day.

“Being with people you know, and respect makes it easier as you can push each-other. That way the motivation is at an all -time high to get out of your comfort zone and give it a real go.”

Donations for the challenge are now open and can be accessed at:


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