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Staff Profile: Chris Dickerson

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe, it has changed the way millions of people carry out their work, and this is no exception for Airmaster. Airmaster spoke with WA technician Chris Dickerson to gain some insight into some of the challenges he is facing and how he is dealing with them personally and professionally.

Having been employed at Airmaster for the last eight years, Chris' role within the company has changed in the last 12 months having been promoted to Service Supervisor. However, he has always had an active role in technician support, specifically chiller service and maintenance.

Airmaster maintain hundreds of chillers across metropolitan and regional WA, Chris oversees every single vessel with the knowledge gained from 20 years’ experience and OEM factory training.

Aside from carrying out his daily responsibilities, Chris is supporting his team from a technical point of view and helping out where needed to sometimes offering an ear to anyone that is struggling. He is continually engaging and communicating with his managers as well as his colleagues out in the field.

The role in itself presents daily challenges for Chris; however, with the onset of this pandemic brings a whole new level, from customer needs to what should be happening to idle buildings, and also awareness for himself and others; their physical, emotional and mental health. Chris is happy to see that the branch and company have accepted and adapted without question.

On a personal level, Chris has three young boys at home in isolation which is challenging itself. His wife is still working and studying full time, but like others, Chris has put some plans in place to adjust, and all have made sacrifices.

Chris went onto say that, "he understands a lot of individuals and families are not so fortunate as they deal with the daily struggles, reduced workflow and hours, and the stress and anxiety it brings".

"I think if we focus on the areas we can control and forget those we can't, it will help considerably. Do not set your goals too far ahead and take each day and week as it comes".

"Communication between colleagues is imperative in these times, and although the future is unpredictable and it's uncertain as to when we will get back to some sort of a norm, I am impressed at how Airmaster WA has faced this front on. I'm sure this applies to all Airmaster branches."

"The strength of the team that surrounds me gives me the confidence we will definitely come out on top."


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