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Airmaster announces UV-C technology strategic alliance with UVDI in the fight against COVID-19

Airmaster today announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with California-based UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI), a global leader in UV-C Air and Surface Disinfection technologies, to provide cleaner, protected environments as buildings and facilities across Australia and New Zealand focus on operating within a COVID-19 environment.

The alliance sees Airmaster become the first official distributor and trained systems integrator of UVDI’s range of Ultraviolet Airstream Disinfection, cleaning and purification products in Australia and New Zealand. UVDI products are deployed globally in over 25 countries in the world’s leading hospitals, airports, casinos, museums, universities and commercial and industrial buildings.

UVDI Airstream Disinfection portfolio’s proven scientific confirmation of 99% coronavirus inactivation has been demonstrated in independent laboratory testing against harder-to-kill bacterial and virus surrogates and meets the CDC and ASHRAE Airborne Infection Control guidelines. UVDI’s proprietary software system incorporates exact air system properties to output the custom lamp configuration and intensity needed to inactivate coronavirus.

The Airstream product range includes solutions in Air Disinfection - where UV eliminates viruses and bacteria by passing through the HVAC system; Coil Cleaning – where UV destroys the microbiological biofilm that thrives in moist coil environments and Air Purification – where UV light reduces VOCs and odours by activating a process that makes the air more purified. All solutions have the benefits of improving indoor air quality, enhancing sustainability, and reducing energy consumption.

“As we enter a new era and approach to facilities management, it is paramount that we provide proven solutions that combat COVID-19 in order to minimise the unprecedented impact that our customers are facing at this time,” said Noel Courtney, Airmaster CEO.

“UVDI is a proven international leader in the research and development of UV-C systems. They are a company that shares a similar history, focus on design-driven technology and values to that of Airmaster, and we are excited to be their first partner in the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

“Airmaster, with over 30 years of deep commitment to proven, premium Airstream solutions, innovative DNA and dedication to best-in-class service, makes an excellent strategic partner with which to enter Australia and New Zealand,” said Richard Hayes, UVDI President. “We are proud to partner with Airmaster to supply our advanced UV-C Airstream disinfecting solutions to continue to fight COVID-19 globally.

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