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Airmaster joins Supply Nation

Airmaster has announced that it is now a member of Supply Nation, an organisation that works to connect over 1900 Indigenous businesses to paid corporate, government and not-for-profit members.

With more than 430 members in every state and territory, Supply Nation has the support of some of Australia's most influential companies across many sectors and industries.

Members of Supply Nation include Wesfarmers, Qantas, Microsoft, Suncorp, JLL, Lend Lease and major Government departments.

About Supply Nation

Supply Nation has a vision of a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable Indigenous business sector, and they work towards this:

  • By driving understanding that the purchasing power of businesses can be used to deliver positive social outcomes

  • By facilitating connections between Indigenous businesses and our members' procurement departments

  • Through our world-leading 5-step verification (registration, certification and audit) process

For more information, visit the Supply Nation website.


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