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Airmaster launches online portal Airmaster Flow

Airmaster have introduced an online customer and staff portal - Airmaster Flow, as part of their strategic solutions strategy. This online portal has been developed to help deliver client-focused innovation by providing real-time service and performance monitoring for its 5000-plus customer sites across Australia and New Zealand.

With Airmaster Flow, both customers and staff have a centralised portal where they can check the status of works, generate reports, create monthly meeting minutes and download compliance documentation. The portal ensures customers always have access to live updates and progress on site works being conducted.

“The release of Airmaster Flow shows that Airmaster are leaders not just in HVAC mechanical and technical solutions, but also in technology-driven innovation that provides enhanced customer value,” says Miles Corompt, Strategic Solutions Director at Airmaster.

A cloud-hosted enterprise solution accessed through a browser or via a tablet and smartphone application, Airmaster Flow offers users the ability to view a range of detailed reports through customisable dashboards and report generators. It also details live and historic records of service calls and job quotes.

Airmaster Chief Executive Officer Noel Courtney believes that this latest initiative provides further efficiencies and will forge even closer relationships between account managers and customers.

“In complex, technical areas like air conditioning and facilities management, it can be a challenge for stakeholders to have access to live information that is quick and easy to digest,”

“Airmaster Flow provides a simple and effective way for Airmaster customers and staff to access the current status of any given site and portfolio, driving faster and more efficient decision-making in the process,” says Courtney.

Airmaster Flow has been launched internally within Airmaster with all branches having received advanced training on the product. It is currently being introduced to customers and the portal will continue to evolve as new features are added.


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