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Airmaster named Melbourne Airport Business Partner of the Year

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Airmaster is proud and delighted to be awarded Business Partner of the Year at Melbourne Airport's 2021 Excellence Awards. Winners of awards across 12 categories were recently announced at an exclusive event held at Melbourne Jet Base. Other winners on the night included ISS Facility Services, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines.

A partnership between Airmaster and APAM (Australian Pacific Airports Melbourne) has resulted in three years of collaboration, with Airmaster committed to delivering significant energy and cost-saving initiatives to the airport.

Airmaster was named equal first place in the Business Partner of the Year category alongside aviation and intralogistics solutions specialists Daifuku Oceania.

In joining with Melbourne Airport, The Airmaster team worked closely with the infrastructure crews to transition the current maintenance model from preventative to condition-based. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about undeniable hurdles to the business model, in winning the award, Airmaster has been congratulated on their overall management throughout this project.

Throughout these challenges, Airmaster have been able to maintain key staff throughout the duration of the project and have successfully improved the redundancy of critical assets. About the Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards: The Melbourne Airport Excellence Awards recognise and reward members of the Melbourne Airport community who demonstrate excellence, and who consistently strive to deliver on Melbourne Airport’s promise “to be an airport Melbourne can be proud of”.  Through the COVID-19 crisis, this year’s awards have been chosen with thoughtful consideration to the challenges everyone has faced over the last year. While still recognising those, who go above and beyond to enhance the traveller experience, the program has evolved to honour and celebrate the courage and reimagination shown by our airport community to not only survive, but to be transformational in the Airport’s recovery and help to enhance the traveller experience daily.


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