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Airmaster's Rob Huntington presents at AIRAH's Future of HVAC

Airmaster's Rob Huntington presented at AIRAH's Future of HVAC conference today as part of the day’s line up. With a focus on advances in building design, Rob's presentation touched on smart buildings being network ready to support the transmission of complex data throughout it.

For a building to be network ready, all connected devices should be on a single network communicating over Ethernet IP. A Building Services Network (BSN) facilitates this and future-proofs the building. It ensures that, regardless of developments in technologies or future requirements of the building, there is a resilient backbone and network environment that will be able to support current and future connected devices.

Although IT services are not a traditional HVAC contractor service, Airmaster's involvement in delivering several successful BSN projects over the past years has seen the company, and in particular, Rob become leaders in this area.

About the Future of HVAC conference

The Future of HVAC Conference is the leading conference for HVAC&R professionals and related industry experts.

The HVAC industry impacts many people in a myriad of ways. Bringing attention to its impact on society and Australia's environmental aims, the Future of HVAC conference is a vehicle to involve everyone interested in, affected by, or influencing where the industry is heading.

The conference is currently being held in Brisbane today and tomorrow.


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