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Empowering Indigenous Talent: A success story in breaking down the barriers

The partnership between Worldview and Airmaster highlights the significance of fostering diversity and talent in today's dynamic business environment. This success story not only underscores the effectiveness of labour hire but also showcases the transformative power of providing opportunities to First Nations Peoples.

Worldviews' fundamental purpose revolves around mitigating intergenerational disadvantages experienced by First Nations people through employment programs. They place a significant emphasis on fostering life skills and facilitating employment, while also connecting enthusiastic individuals with organisations seeking specialised expertise.

Airmaster recognised this potential and sought to make an even greater impact by not only providing employment but also by offering career opportunities through apprenticeships in much-needed skilled trades.

This resulted in the identification of Carl Johnson, a standout candidate for a HVAC technician role. They initiated a three-month labour hire arrangement in June to assess Carl's fit with Airmaster's needs.

Carl's shortened transition from labour hire to direct employment at Airmaster by mid-July speaks volumes about his skills, work ethic, and alignment with the company's values and goals.

“Carl has fitted in well with the entire team, his work ethic and skills certainly embody Airmaster’s values. We look forward to continuing to work with Worldview and further creating workplace diversity”. Graeme Thors, Airmaster Service Manager – ACT”.

What sets this success story apart is the commitment of both Worldview and Airmaster to break down the barriers of Indigenous employment. Carl's seamless integration into the Airmaster team reflects the inclusive work environment that Airmaster fosters.

The Worldview Foundation plays a pivotal role in empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals. Their approach includes personal success coaching, educational support, healthcare initiatives, community engagement, and cultural connection. By addressing all aspects of well-being, the foundation ensures a holistic path toward self-fulfilment.

The collaboration between Worldview and Airmaster demonstrates the positive outcomes that result from prioritising inclusivity, talent development, and cultural sensitivity.


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