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Western Star: A History of Airmaster in WA

Airmaster officially opened its Western Australian branch in 2009, and in doing so completed the company’s national (mainland) network.

Having enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Admiral Service and Maintenance for many years prior, by 2008 about half of Admiral’s work was being subcontracted to the firm by Airmaster, including the fulfilment of a number of national service contracts that included Perth properties.

At this point, it made business sense for Airmaster to acquire Admiral Service and Maintenance, as well as its team of 14 staff across field, administration and management. Many of these remain in the Airmaster family, including original State Manager Miles Corompt, current State Manager Matt Wisniewski, Doug Wallis, Dean Hewer, Levi Clifford, Jordan McKay and Dave Repper.

The WA branch grew quickly in the years following the acquisition. As well as traditional HVAC service and maintenance, it expanded into chiller-specific works and BMS upgrades, including large scale commercial and retail HVAC work.

Such has been the success of the Western Australian branch that it has outgrown three premises in that time, and now operates from Wangara in Perth’s northern suburbs.

With the company committed to bringing its award-winning solutions to the local market, Matt Wisniewski was appointed WA State Manager in April 2019.

Together, the team has built a winning culture and grown the branch from 14 staff in 2009 to almost 70, while revenue has grown ten-fold.

“Our Branch culture is our most valued and carefully protected attribute,” says Matt Wisniewski, current State Manager for WA.

“It is one of inclusion, collaboration and joint responsibility. The values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours each of our employees share and use every day reflects our culture. This drives our decisions, actions and ultimately our overall performance.”

Although senior management maintain strong oversight over the branch culture and how it aligns with Airmaster’s strategy, risk appetite and policies, the culture is owned by every team member.

Dedicated to innovation, performance and delivering tangible results for its clients, Airmaster WA offers the full suite of the company’s service, maintenance, installation and control solutions to the local market. More recently, the branch has added fire and mechanical electrical services.

The branch is also particularly well-known for its knowledge and experience in the Aged Care sector.


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